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Joshua Wilson

Are you struggling with something personal?

Do you live with anxiety or depression?

Do you have difficulty processing emotions?

Is it time to change certain patterns in your life?

***Man 2 Man Counselling can help***

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Counselling & Psychotherapy for men.

Man 2 Man Counselling offers Counselling & Psychotherapy services specifically tailored to meet the needs of men. My clients are given the time and space to discuss issues in their lives which may be affecting them in an undesirable way. We are also able to explore ways of change that could have a positive influence on their lives.

As a man, I have a personal understanding of how difficult it can often be to discuss with someone else the struggles of our lives and the emotions that can accompany them. I realise that it takes courage to face these issues and so I aim to offer a safe and supportive space for people to be heard.

I use a mixture of traditional talk therapy, somatic practices and mindfulness techniques specific to my client's personal needs in order to achieve the best results and outcomes for people.

With time to slow down and explore the way they function in the world, along with various tools and techniques to aid the process, my clients are able to gain clarity and new insights into how they may move forward in their life in a new, more positive way.

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Located in Cardiff NSW, Man 2 Man Counselling is currently servicing clients in both the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie areas as well as from the wider Hunter Valley region. Office is conveniently located close to train station and major bus routes.

Address: 1 Penylan Street

              Cardiff, NSW

Ph: 0431 576 406

Email: man2mancounselling